Celebrating the 75-Year Anniversary of Martin & Lewis…

Andrew Fumento
9 min readJul 18, 2021

… with an All-New Short PSA Script… Martin & Lewis in “The Goofus!”

The First Script Written for Them in Over 65 Years!

Andrew Fumento AKA Andrew Bailey

July 25th marked the 75th anniversary of the teaming of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis in 1946 (sadly, it also marked the 65th anniversary of their break up)!

Martin & Lewis were the first television comedians. They were the Beatles of their time. In their 10-year teaming, they starred on TV, and made 16 theatrical movies.

My almost-10-year-old son, George “Georgie” Bailey & I are huge fans of Martin & Lewis. After we watched all of their movies, we wanted more.

Thus, in honor of Mr. Martin, Mr. Lewis and their families — and, as importantly, to give my son more of Martin & Lewis (while incorporating them into a Public Service Announcement), I wrote this loving short tribute PSA script… Martin & Lewis in “The Goofus!”


VISUAL: A seemingly wonderful, peaceful day with families enjoying themselves. A statute of Mark Twain stands with open arms stands in the middle of a spewing fountain.

VISUAL: A thin, boyish man — JERRY (late 20s) rubs his eyes as he blindly stumbles toward the fountain.

JERRY: Ohhhh, pain. Man? Mister Man?!

VISUAL: Doing an accidental front flip, Jerry falls into the fountain.

VISUAL: Jerry furiously splashes and scrubs his eyes.

JERRY: Dean. Deeeean?!

VISUAL: A CROWD slowly gathers, chuckling throughout.

VISUAL: DEAN (late 30s), a suave, handsome man’s man, dressed in a suit and tie, 50s style hat, and sunglasses, rushes to him.

DEAN: Jerry, get out of there.

VISUAL: Dean lends a hand, helping Jerry out of the fountain as the Mark Twain statue in the background now has a hand over his eyes in embarrassment.

VISUAL: Jerry uses Dean’s tie to dry his eyes.

DEAN: Do I look like a towel?

Andrew Fumento

AKA Andrew Bailey… Dad / Copywriter / Broadcast Director / Author of more pro bono PSA scripts/campaigns than any person in the multiverse! andrewfumento.com